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Monday, February 1, 2010

Stardate 0201.10

Well..made it through January...A decent month considering the Steelers didn't make the playoffs lol...This month I see myself kicking some butt lol...

Another Decent Into...
The Homer J.Simpson Idiot of the Week( for the week ending Jan.30th)-
Ok readers. I'm going to make it simple and easy this week. The winner of IOTW is a regular target and i swore I would never award this to a person of this stature. BUT!!!! When you cut NASA's budget and force the limitation of manned space missions, well Mr. Obama, you hit me where I live! It's ok to swell the goverment to infinitsmal size. Give money away to "road" projects and yet you reduce America's ever-dwindeling intellect even further.
I have a theory, if I may indulge you for a few. The best and brightest go into space unless u fly commercial of course(then its just the richest). Whether its by conspiracy or apathy, America has lost its edge in all things technology. It has for sometime. With this cut we continue not to let our children be influenced by whats out there. Rather whats on the Internet, whats the new game on my Wii, who's texting me? Thanks alot Mr. President!!!

Super Bowl Week-
And so we come to the week of the most wonderful time of the year...Super Bowl Week!!!
Being, however my beloved Steelers won't be playing for number seven, Im going to go back in time and review the 6 reasons why my team is the best of the Super Bowl Era...
We shall begin with Super Bowl IX in Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, L.A.

Remember when they played the big game in January?....

Super Bowl IX was played on January 12, 1975 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. The AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3-1) defeated the NFC champion Minnesota Vikings (12-5), 16–6, to win their first Super Bowl game.

This game matched two of the NFL's best defenses – Pittsburgh's “Steel Curtain” against the “Purple People Eaters” of Minnesota – and two legendary quarterbacks: Terry Bradshaw and Fran Tarkenton, respectively.

However, the Steelers dominated the game, recording the first safety in Super Bowl history, and limiting the Vikings to Super Bowl lows of nine first downs, 119 yards of total offense, and 17 rushing yards. The Steelers also tied Super Bowl records for the least rushing first downs allowed (2) and the least passing first downs allowed (5). Tarkenton was held to only 11 out of 26 completions for 102 passing yards, no touchdown passes, and tied a Super Bowl record with three interceptions. Furthermore, Pittsburgh became the second Super Bowl team to hold their opponents' offense scoreless; Minnesota's only score came on a blocked punt, and they did not even score on the extra point attempt. The Steelers accomplished all of this with two backups: linebackers Ed Bradley and Loren Toews replaced injured starters Andy Russell and Jack Lambert for most of the second half.
Meanwhile, Pittsburgh had 333 yards of total offense. Steelers’ running back Franco Harris, who ran for a Super Bowl record 158 yards (more than the entire Minnesota offense) and a touchdown, was named the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player.

Twas' a brutal game for the Vikes to say the least...Steelers 16...Vikings 6...
Tomorrow Super Bowl X

P.S. I saw the game on my Steelers dvd collection..my gawd the game was played quicker back then...lol

Under The Dome update...
On page 970...one hundred more to go

Time to depart into the uncharted center of your mind....later!

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