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Monday, March 29, 2010

Stardate 0329.10

Today is day one of the Sarah balloon floating into the atmosphere and burning up as it approaches orbit!!!!

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Another Decent Into...
Wrestlemania XXVI- Well I only have one thing to say since I didn't really watch the show..18-0 BAY-BEE!!!....yes my reader friends, Mark Callaway, a.k.a The Undertaker made it 18 wins without a loss at the biggest stage of 'em all. This time, once again, against Shawn Michaels. I heard this match was as good as their previous 'Mania . I'll haveta check it out.

The Final Four-
I feel sick. Sick because good ol WVU made it to the final four in basketball and yes the Mountaineer faithful are more annoying than usual. Hopefull Duke will deflate their egos. Why do I rag on WVU? Cuz I'm from the 'Burgh baby!

The Cinema Snob-
Troll 3. Part 2...He thought it was over. He thought he had endured the trilogy that wasn't a trilogy..WRONG!!!...Senor Snob now must watch a new Troll 3. This one still not having anything to do with trolls.


And with that, we come to the conclusion of the quadrilogy that's suppose to be a trilogy but not really a trilogy.

On page 173 of Ms. DeLucy's Seers of Light...very enjoyable read....

Tomorrow I will begin a special celebration of wrestlecrap.com and their upcoming ten-year anniversary. What is wrestlecrap.com, you ask? Click on the link at the bottom of the  page, poindexter!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stardate 0327.10

It's that time again readers. No, not time to figure out the end of Lost or why people find Dirty Dancing a masterpiece(Note from  female readers, buster:NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER)....Ok and May The Force Be With You ladies(GAWD, YOU"RE SUCH GEEK)...yes I am...Anyhoo....

Another Decent Into...

My Favorite Wrestlemania Matches (8-1)- Tomorrow is the big day for fans of the scripted square circle...It's Wrestlemania XXVI..Live from Phoenix!!! 7p/4p....sadly I will not be watching it since I have to do that work thing...To be honest it's not too bad since the match I really wanna see is Shawn Michaels/Undertaker, part II...

And, of course, to celebrate, here are my final favorite eight matches...They don't have to be considered great to make the list just entertaining

8. King Kong Bundy/Little Toyko/Lord Littlebrook vs. Hillbilly Jim/The Haiti Kid/Little Beaver(Wrestlemania III-1987)...Yes, this is a waste of match but anytime you have midgets at the biggest event of the year, you gotta love it...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3zfe-X2THQ

7. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. The Rock (Wrestlemania XVII-2001)-This is the second part of a trilogy between two of the most popular athletes of the "Attitude"era a.k.a the last golden age of wrestling. The ending is truly a WTF moment....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjt0JufQf8Q   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbzK2prj-r4

6. Roddy Piper vs. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis(Wrestlemania III-1987)...This was suppose to be Hotrod's farewell match. It was hair vs. hair and well its not a pretty sight.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qos2gzK4lBg


5. Undertaker vs. HHH (Wrestlemania XVII-2001)...Up untill this point, I don't think anyone gave the 'Taker a serious challenge to his streak...yeah Kane did a reasonable job and Ric Flair made him bleed...but The Game really let him have in this match...BTW, this made "Taker 9-0...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A5IcRyKzRs



4. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania XVIII-2002)
Icon vs. Icon. I've never liked Hogan and I never will but this was one instance he impressed me in the ring. Of course, when your fighting The Rock, don't expect a cakewalk...


3. Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat(Wrestlemania III-1987)...This is the match that made WM III, not the overblown, overhyped Hogan/Andre encounter...This is a match I can show my non-wrestling friends and feel good about myself. It shows that if you let it, wrestling can be as artistic as ballet....




2. Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania VI-1990)- I look back on this match with fond yet sad memories. The wrestling mark in me was starting to die in maturity's light. Other endeavors will calling to me. With this battle between the two biggest names in wrestling at the time, it mark the end of the 2nd golden age of the sport...




AND NOW....at #1 ITS...Ok before I begin...this match only happened last year but you what this is the best damn match I have ever witnessed in my 34 years on Earth...and yes it involves my fav wrestler The Undertaker....his opponent, a legend in his own time and mind...The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels...from Wrestlemania XXV...here we go....






well there ya have it gang...Monday, look for a new Cinema Snob...untill then...enjoy the Ding Dongs

Friday, March 19, 2010

Stardate 0319.10

Omg...two posts in a week!!! WTF!!!!!!!!! Had to be done!!!

Another Decent Into...
My ten favorite Wrestlemania matches(10-9)-
Well kids, we are 9 days away from the biggest event on the wrestling(if you live solely in the WWE bubble i.e. Michael Cole, sports entertainment) calender. With that in mind, I thought I might share with you my ten favorite Wrestlemania clashes. Bear in mind, these aren't necessarily the best, but again its only my opinion

10.Undertaker vs. Jimmy Snuka (Wrestlemania VII-1991)-
The worst match on my list. Why is it posted? Well this did start the 'Taker's undefeated Wrestlemania streak which stands as of now at 17-0. Overall, its 98 percent Taker in this one. BTW, I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Snuka a few years ago. He was totally outta it. Maybe it was from this match....

9. Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper (Wrestlemania VIII-1992)-
I am not and never was a Hulkamaniac. My fav wrestler in the 80s was Hotrod Roddy Piper. He just seemed so much more genuine with his character than Hogan. Here at Wrestlemania VIII, Piper defends his Intercontinential title against the so-called Best There Is, Best There Was, Best That Ever Will Be. Though to each others credit this is  a hell of a match



The Cinema Snob-
Just when he thought the Troll movies had been buried with E.T. The Video Game...It rears its ugly head once again in Troll 3, Part I....Part I you say? Just watch.

FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!! I swear the torture Senor Snob goes through to entertain us must be root canal painful lol...The end with his friends from his Bruno Mattei Show adds another dash of hilarity.

Number 8 and 7 will be posted on Monday morning...ttyl

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stardate 0316.10

Today's date is the most famous verse in the Bible...For God So Loved The World....if your a fan of Austin 3:16...it means I just whipped your ass!!!...dicohotmy at its finest lol...

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Another Decent Into...
Mrs. Hill is right about the fact I do enjoy Italian horror films(course of your a devoted reader then you already know that lol). So when I came upon the 1980 movie Macabre and saw the trailer, I thought, "OH HELL YEAH!!!"(Another Austin 3:16 scripture). Well got the movie from the good folks at Netflix and....I fell asleep. Plot?...well here it is....While an adulterous couple dallies in a blind man’s spare bedroom, the woman’s daughter is drowning her little brother in the bathtub...speeding to the scene of the murder, the couple’s car crashes, and the man is decapitated...the woman is sent to the looney bin for a year and when she comes out, she start putting the moves on her lover's blind brother!!!

All this while she continues to have thoughts of her dead lover. So what is wrong with this film? Not the fact its a bit surreal(thats a standard in Italian fare) its the fact it is soooooooo boring from ten minutes in to the last 15. Just so damn tedious. Lamberto Bava(son of legendary director Mario Bava) should have known better. I don't mind a horror movie with no blood(i actually welcome it) but can you give me some psychological suspense. Make the woman decsend into her maddness perhaps rather then wait till the end?

Speaking of the end, it is a WTF moment and thats not a good thing. On the positive, the penultimate scenes rise this film above Cinema Snob-style exploitation but dies in the final scenes. Fortunately, Mr. Bava redeemed himself with the 1985 film  Demons and has continued working in various genres. Watch at your own peril! 3/10

The Cinema Snob-
Well this time Mr.Snob delves into the world of oh boy...Beaver and Buttface. yes it is a parody of those famous 90s slackers Beavis and Butthead...and nowhere near as funny...take a look...

huh-huh-huh...so like The Cinema Snob's review is like cool and stuff..yeah yeah yeah...

I just finished a book entitled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? A review of which is posted on goodreads.com

More to come..huh huh come...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stardate 0304.10

So many nights I look out my window....so many dreams die in the first beam of the sunlight...

Before I begin this post in earnest...My ex-wife informed me last night she has contracted uterian cancer...she is to have surgery within the next few months...I pray that she is healed...We may no longer be married but she is afterall a human being and deserves the respect all should receive when faced with adversity especially one of this nature.

Another Decent Into...
The Last Forty-Eight Hours of My Life-

Well what can I say? The first whammy hit when ex-fiancee decided it to leave me in exile. It happened when I discussed an incident in my past. It scared her and she left. I won't go into specifics but I'm hurt that she would do this. I felt once again my heart ripped from my chest. When I was a teenager, I hurt people. I lived in a cycle of violence finally broken when I left home and received three years of therapy. I discovered how I can really be in this world. That's who I am now. Caring about the people who matter most to me. Yes, even my ex-wife.

Sadly ex-fiancee feels I live in the shadows of my past. Do I blame her? No. Do I wish she could she me as I am now? Yes. For someone who claims to be a Christian, you, ex-fiancee, have a lot to learn about forgiveness.  So once again I go into exile, deservedly so. I just did not believe the consquences can last nearly 20 yrs after.

Ok, on to happier things. I watched Dario Argento's 1987 Opera Monday night. For those who know me, I am a huge fan of Italian horror movies or gialo as they are called over there. Dario Argento, Mario Bava, and Lucio Fulci led the three-headed black gloved monster in the director department. With Opera however, Mr. Argento misfires.

Betty, a young opera singer, gets her big chance when the previous star of a production of Verdi's Macbeth is run over by a car. Convinced the opera is bad luck she accepts, and becomes the target (in Argento's unmistakable style) of a psychopath - a man she has been dreaming of since childhood. The vicious assailant stalks Betty, capturing her by tying her up and taping pins to her eyelids - so she is forced to watch as he violently murders the people around her. Who is this sadistic killer and why is he targeting young Betty?

Well, when you find out the killer, that's when the movie breaks down into nothing more than typical Americanized slasher fare. The twist stinks quite badly I might add. There are some classic Argento images like the pins to the eyelids and ravens,ravens,ravens. This movie, of course, is shot beautifully. There is one scene of a spiraling raven in the opera house I found stunning. Sadly, this was the beginning of Argento's decent into mediocrity(though it was momentarily buoyed with 1992's Trama) and he never quite achieved a level of  legendary status again.


The Stepfather(2009)
You get a double feature review today reader. Tuesday morning I got a chance to watch the remake of The Stepfather or should I say another regurgitated reboot of a horror classic. The original version(1987, my favorite year) featured a pre-Lost Terry O'Quinn as the main character and he pulls it off quite well. His madness, his duality were awesome and proved you don't always need a mask in a horror film. So, of course, this had to be remade cuz gawd forbid studios cant leave well enough alone.

If you've seen the original you won't like this. It's basically the same film only the suspicous teen as a boy and the story takes place in Portland, Oregon.  This remake joins a long list of reboots that should haven't been touched by piggish studio hands.

While it's not totally terrible, you can tell Terry O'Quinn is missed.


The Cinema Snob-
Alright, here we go. This time Senor Snob tackles the Astro-Zombies. Ironically, the film's director hates this review. If that's the case he must also hate the boys MST3K when they did Girl in Gold Boots. Enjoy.

Well this episode doesn't quite hit the mark in hilarity as the Snob has the past few times out. I think maybe he just let the episode speak for itself. Course any chance you reference the greatest tv show ever in MST3K, I automatically like it.

I just finished Ed McBain's Mischief and will be posting a review on goodreads.com/steel6619.

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