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Friday, January 29, 2010

Stardate 0129.10

Well...heres hoping the joe job turns into the milton job lol..but then again I've as much chance of movin' up as a snowball in August in Arizona!!!

Another Decent Into...
Why I'm not cool
I'm not cool. I accept it. I don't have a cool car. I don't have a cool pad. Nothing. And you know what, dear reader? I DONT CARE!!!! Here are ten reasons why I'm not cool.

10. I'm a Pitt fan in the heart of WVU country...Born in the Steel City, I embraced all things the 'Burgh which includes the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. For you non-college football fans, every year Pitt and WVU meet in the Backyard Brawl. While the 'Eeers did beat Pitt this year, the odd thing is everytime WVU has something to play for ('89,'07). It seems dem Panthers find a way to win!!! Remember gang WVU has not won a national championship in college football since I believe the late 1800's. Seriously!
And Pitt was it in '76.

9. I have no car. I don't. I did have one in New Jersey back when I was married but when I lost the wife I lost the 2007 Chevy HHR. Course haven't been able to afford one since. But that could change shortly!

8. Wrestling- Ok, I admit. At one point in my life, I was a hardcore wrestling fan. I lived for Saturdays as a kid with WWF, AWA, WCW/NWA on. But as I aged and the storylines came about as stupid as Pat Robertson Haiti comments, the wrestling affair ended. Quite mercifully.

7. I love 80s metal-though I guess that kinda makes me cool being teenage kids seem to wanna listen to Maiden, Megadeth and Slayer these days. lol....seriously.

6.I read(and dont play video games)-I own no Xbox, no Wii, no PS3. I do have books if you enjoy that form of entertainment, Though I doubt for a few of you you do.

5. I know who has won all forty-three Super Bowls and their scores-From Green  Bay to Pittsburgh. I know 'em all. In chronological order.

4. My comic books, my action figures-Well  I no longer have comics and action figures thanks to the divorce but I do have a Darth Vader and Mr. Spock I managed to retrieve. WOOHOO!

3. I dont drink or do drugs-Pot counts as a drug folks...dont do 'em...I drank before and getting drunk is high overrated!

2. My wardrobe-I according to my ex-fiancee, my wardrobe demonstrates my lack of maturity. Ok, it consist of Star Trek ts, Steelers unis, and Stewie Griffin and DC Comics boxers....could be worse....

And Finally...at #1
Do I haveta say anything?

The Cinema Snob-
The latest Snob episode features a very artsy, very fartsy film from 1972 titled Death Bed. Yes folks, it's about a killer bed. Enjoy!

Now that you've recovered with the the glorified alka seltzer sleeper, let me start by saying, of course it wasn't as good as Nudist Colony of the Dead but after that laugh riot, it is hard to follow up a classic. This is pretty funny especially toward the end with the Snob's internal monologue. The movie, needless to say, is crap. Whattashock!

Under The Dome update-
On page 858. It's all about to break loose in Chester's Mills, Maine.

A Primitive Glow-
Working on the antagonist

An Epiphany-
Last night, I spent my night off in the company of a cute, smart funny lady and her 3-yr old boy. Watching Ice Age 3 and Office Space. Laughing and hanging out. It was utopia at its finest. I would give the world to have that moment again.

And so...and so...and so....SO WHAT!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stardate 0126.10

And so another work week nears an end...tomorrow will be special...the waiting is the hardest part...

Another Descent Into...

The NFL Playoffs-
The Super Bowl is set. The Indianapolis Colts v. The New Orleans Saints. A rather intriguing match up to say the least. I'll have my prediction on the game in a couple of weeks. For now, I will revel in Steelers Super Bowl memories...I'm going to post  reviews over the next two weeks of each of their 6 Super Bowl victories(thanks to the magic of dvd, I can watch all 6 games)starting with Super Bowl IX.

The Penguins-
The champs have a modest two-game winning streak with wins over the Fryars(Flyers) and the Rangjahs(Rangers). They seem to be grinding things out which for them is very good thing. We are slowly but surely closing in on the Olympic break so every game, every point counts.

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II-
1987. A watershed year in my life. I was going through puberty. Pro wrestling was my favorite show on t.v.(by that I mean WWF(E), NWA, AWA, UWF, WCCW, all of 'em) Of course I was starting to get into rock-n-roll and horror films big time. Strangely, puberty effected my viewing of Prom Night II to a very good degree.

Despite the title, this film is not a direct sequel to the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis film(though they both take place at Hamilton High School). This movie begins in 1957 where the senior slut Mary Lou Maloney prepares for her big night. During the festivities, Mary runs off with a guy whose not her steady beau. Naturally, the steady beau finds out and decides to inspire Stephen King into his idea for Carrie, metaphorically speaking of course.

Mary Lou catches fire before her prom queen coronation while the prom crowd stands back to watch. 30 years later, a young lady who lives with a religious zealot for a mother decides she doesnt want to wear the green dress to her prom. She heads down to the prop dept and inadvertenly unleashes Mary Lou's spirit who wants to possess her body.

Ok, this movie was great when I was 12. A few scenes made me tingle in shorts back in the day. In 2010, this is pure camp, unintentional as it maybe. By no means is it a bad film, the acting is above par(headed by the legendary Michael Ironside), the gore is so-so. The head in  the soup is kinda cool and Mary's transformation side is ok(though u can tell she's wearing a mask). Watch this for a laugh or two, unless your twelve and its 1987 again. High unlikely

1987 10/10
2010 6/10

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stardate 0123.10

Well today it's a rare(and I do mean rare) Saturday off. Before I do my chores, I figure you want my 1/2 cent of opinion....

Another Decent Into...

The Homer J.Simpson Idiot of the Week Award(for the week ending Jan.22nd)-
Wow! This week was certainly chockful of candidates. From a person asking me what the word blended meant to President Obama who apparently won't sully his Harvard-educated hands riding around in a pickup truck but alas it is another president, this one of Venezuela that is the winner of this week's IOTW award. Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, your comments regarding the United States causing the devistation in Haiti reminds as why there is such a thing as birth control.

The NFL Playoffs-
Well here we are, it's down to the final four of the NFL Playoffs. By this Sunday evening we will know who will be playing in Super Bowl XLIV on Feb.7th. And, of course, I have a take. Hopefully my picks will be better that last week when I went 0-4, YIKES!!!

Jets vs. Colts-
Ok, I see the comparisons between this team and the 2005 Steelers. I hate to say this but it took a lucky play by Big Ben to keep the Steelers in line to win that year(Ironically against the Colts). I don't see the Jets having that against this team. Peyton and gang are just too powerful. The Jets beat the Chargers last week because they were the Chargers in the playoffs. This time the clock strikes 12 for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!

Vikings v. Saints-
This one will be a classic. You have the old warhorse in Brett Favre and the young, hungry Drew Brees guiding their respective teams in this NFC Championship game. The Saints do not have the defense to keep up with Favre, AP, and Sidney Rice and that will be the difference in this game, plain and simple.
So I believe it will be Colts v. Vikings in two weeks...hoperfully I'm right

The Cinema Snob-
As threatened, here is until Nudist Colony of the Dead took over my favorite Snob video. Black Devil Doll from Hell. Splinters Baby Splinters!

And so I must say fare-thee-well...Come Monday it will be alright!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stardate 0121.10

A rainy night in the middle of January. Poetic in a horror movie kind of way.

Another Decent Into...

Seers of Light-
My author friend Jennifer DeLucy has created a trailer for her upcoming novel "Seers of Light", avaliable February 16th from Omnific Publishing...The song in the background as an original entitled "Lily's Song". LIke most artists, Ms. DeLucy loves to be multi-dimensional...

The Cinema Snob-
Well as previously mentioned, I will be reviewing new episodes of The Cinema Snob as he makes them avaliable. Tonight, it's the episode(I'm not joking) "Nudist Colony of the Dead"...but first watch... 

Ok, I hope you laughed your butt off because I sure did. This "film" needless to say, deserves to be carved up like London broil(mmm...British meat...mmmm). I mean Troma Films thinks this movie is cheap! The review itself hits it stride with the jingly musical toetapper five minutes in and at the ten minute mark...well just don't drink anything as you watch. I'm on record as saying this is his best episode since "Black Devil Doll from Hell". I'll haveta post that episode sometime.

The Penguins-
I caught bits and pieces of their 6-4 over the Islanders Tuesday night and while I'm happy Crosby and Malkin did well, their defense was retro mid-90's...not a good thing...hopefully tonight against the Capitals they'll be tighter then a crab's rear.

Under The Dome update-
On page 651 now...it's starting to coalesce

A Primitive Glow-
Knocked out two more pages tonight...happy to have that progress...

Au Reviour, mi Duy....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stardate 0119.10

Hey-hey fellow readers. Sorry for the delay but again that real life thing kinda gets in the way of the cyberworld at times.

Another Decent Into...

The NFL Playoffs-
Omg, did I ever lay an egg in my prognostications on this past weekends games. Jets pulled over the huge upset again. Colts stonewalled the Ravens. Vikings made the Cowgirls their personal slaves and less we not forget what the Saints did to the former NFC Champions, ugh :-(. Friday I'll post my predictions for the Conference Championship games with hopefulyl a lil' more accuracy then I did this past week.

The Beyond-
I am a huge fan of the Italian horror film. They are shot with an artistic eye and gorier then the American counterparts alot of the time. In the trinity of great Italian horror directors, you have Mario Bava, Luico Fulci, and my personal fav Dario Argento. Yet it is Mr. Fulci who made my favorite horror movie of all time, 1979's  Zombi 2 (released in the states as Zombie). With 1981's The Beyond, Fulci takes the zombie genre and turns into a surrealistic pillow(to steal the title of  a Jefferson Airplane album).

It begins with a wonderful sepia-colored intro in which a young lady is reading a book called Eibon as a mob prepares to kill an artist they believe to be a warlock. The artist's death opens one of the seven portals of hell in which the dead cross into our world. From there, we are taken into 1981 New Orleans and another young lady beginning to make repairs to an old, inherited hotel.

But through her activites she activates the portal and once again the dead arise. Along the way a mysterious blind girl begs the young woman to leave the hotel at once which of course doesn't work. I won't give the ending away but it is definately a downer.

I thought this film was certainly as bloody as Fulci's previous work needless to say. The problem here is there is no real coherency. At some point the story gets tossed to the side and it degenerates into zombie-killing-humans without a good subtext to counterpoint the death scenes.  Overall, if you can deal with this film as surrealistic piece, then you will like The Beyond. Still it is not quite as good as Zombi 2 but at least it's better than House by the Cemetary. 7/10

Btw, the distributors of the dvd, Grindhouse Releasing, have a great studio intro very remienescent of the 70's. Very sweet!!!

Oh and some other facts as well...

Though it was released in Europe in 1981, The Beyond did not see a US release until 1983. The film was released to theatres for a brief theatrical run under the name Seven Doors of Death. Besides changing the name of the film, the film was heavily edited to tone down the film's graphic murder sequences and a brand new musical score was inserted into the film. This version was quickly released on video and remained in circulation during the 1980s in two separate releases.

Despite its heavy editing, the film gained a cult following over the years and bootleg tapes of the uncut version of The Beyond (produced from an uncensored Japanese Laserdisc of the film) widely circulated among horror fans. As years went on, demand for an official uncensored release of The Beyond grew considerably, especially as the VHS copies of Seven Doors of Death went out of print and became next to impossible to find.

In 1998 Quentin Tarantino acquired the US distribution rights to The Beyond from Bob Murawski and Sage Stallone of Grindhouse Releasing who had personally gone to Italy and met with director Lucio Fulci (and subsequently with his daughter) in order to distribute the film. Murawski and Stallone had completely digitally remastered and produced the DVD, uncut and completely uncensored, and meticulously currated all the numerous bonus materials. In order to receive a wider audience, Tarantino lent his name to the finished DVD and it was re-released through a division of Tarantino's Rolling Thunder Production Company and Miramax Films. The film played throughout the US as a midnight movie feature and earned Miramax Films a respectable one million dollars during its re-release, despite receiving mixed reviews from a few film critics.

So thank you Mr. Tarantino.

Under The Dome update
On page 596 now...I've crossed the halfway point woohoo

A Primitive Glow-
Going back and redoing a murder scene. So many holes to fill.

Tis time to bid aideu....Watch Zombie!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stardate 0116.10

Sorry for the delay in the blog gang. Real life, as always, interferes with the best laid plans...

Another Decent Into...

The NFL Playoffs-
This weekend is the divisional playoffs with the winners heading to their respective conference championship games for a chance to play at Super Bowl XLIV. Like all football fans far and wide, I too have an opinion on the matchups and here they are whether you like 'em or not.

Colts v. Ravens-
Upset #1...The Colts just aren't good coming off bye weeks in the playoffs(2005 divisional playoff vs. me Steelers ring a bell?)I think resting the good players the last couple weeks is deteremental to most teams and the Colts imo are no exception. The Ravens, on the other hand, just utterly manhandled the Team of the 00s with pure ease. If they're running game can smash through the Colts line like the Patriots, then I see the Ravens playing for the AFC Championship.

Chargers v. Jets-
The fantasy is over for the J-E-T-S. Too many weapons for the defense to overcome. Plain and simple. Chargers.

Cardinals v Saints-
Look for another shootout from the defending NFC champs as Kurt Warner and gang take on Dree Brees and his crew. Both defenses are as porous as a sieve so it's going to come down to who has it last which I'm going to say will be the Cards.

Cowboys v.Vikings-
Ahh the marque matchup this weekend. Favre, Peterson vs. Romo, Whiten, Williams. I've said its going to come down the lines. If AP can find holes then its over for them Cowboys. Brett Favre can't carry a team on his shoulders like he used too. The Cowboys, however, seem to have the players to knock off the Vikes and head to the NFC Championship game. So therefore its(sadly) the Cowboys.

The Homer J. Simpson Idiot of the Week Award(week ending Jan.16th)
I threatened it. I promised a winner and here it is. This week I award my IOTW to a person who made one of the most inane comments following a natural disaster I've heard in years. Christians wonder why their faith is constantly mocked perhaps more so then others. It is because of short-sighted ignoramuses such as this person. Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the first Homer J. Simpson Idiot of the Week award is.....
PAT ROBERTSON!!! Congradulations on being the first. You will have a special place in my heart.

Under The Dome update-
On Page 485...almost halfway done lol

A Primitive Glow-
Getting ready to introduce the antagonist.

We have reached infinity's end. Listen to Black Sabbath

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stardate 0114.10

Omg!!! So much to get to tonight on this post. So let's not waste time.

Another Decent Into...

I grew up loving the original Terminator. Seeing the Governator playing the perfect role for him makes me smile everytime I see that 1984 film. I mean he says maybe a half-page of dialogue throughout the whole thing and that's a good thing for him. Anyhoo, as the years past we saw Ah-nuld turn into a sweetheart in T2 and then again in a tragic comic  revival attempt in Rise of the Machines.

With Terminator:Salvation, we see the rock-bottom of this once great franchise. It is the year 2018 and the war between the humans and the machines is in full effect. And yet, yet we start in the year 2003 and a prison cell where Sam Huntington signs away his body to science. Pay attention now kids, this pays off later. So now its 2018 and  John Connor (played in cheesy fashion by Christian Bale)  finds human prisoners and the information to create the T-800 series(The Ah-nuld series).

He takes the info to a submarine where Michael Ironside promptly scoffs at him and reveals a hidden signal found in the Terminator robots which could be used to shut them down.

Meanwhile, Sam Huntington emerges(yes from 2003) and discovers Kyle Reese in the ruins of L.A. Hearing a Connor radio broadcast, the two along with a little girl head out to meet him. Of course they are captured by the robots of Skynet and thats where the story merges.

This film is nothing more than another whizz-bang special effects dreck to me. Thin on story, thick on nonsense. Though the part where you see T-800(played by CGI Ah-Nuld) for the first time is rather good. If you loved the series, you'll love this film. Other than that, its disappointed to me.


The Penguins-
Didn't watch the game but I know they beat the Calgary Flames 3-1 on the strength on Sid the Kid's 30th goal. They play the Oilers tonight. Let's hope for a back-to-back win.

The Situation in Haiti-
If folks are going to make this, like Hurricane Katrina, a political battleground then I'm turning in my faith in humanity card. Rush Limbaugh slipped on a banana peel stating we already contribute to Haiti with the U.S. income tax. To be fair and balanced, he did also state that private donations to the Haiti relief effort where better than government-funded ones. Now politically, I am more right leaning(how can I be when I'm a writer? Well,that's for another blog) Yet, comments which Limbaugh said were taken out context of course by him and Pat Robertson make me disgusted with the Republican Party and glad I'm Libertarian in my voting(most of the time).  But you don't have to take my opinion to heart. I'm posting a link to a Limbaugh transcript and you can decide for yourself what to think.


Under The Dome update-
On page 398. Had a slow reading weekend.

A Primitive Glow
Still going slow. I'm going back and tweaking what I've already written for continunity sake.

Tomorrow I award my first "Homer J.Simpson Idiot of the Week" award and I've picked I feel the most obvivous one.

We've reached the end of our time together. Vote Wiggum.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stardate 0112.10

Woohoo! It is the weekend for me here in bizzaro world. I plan to see Daybreakers tomorrow so be prepared for a review(gasp!).

Another Decent Into...

The Penguins-
Well, so much for optimism. The trainwreck continues as last night the Minnesota Wild defeated the Pens 4-3. Once again, we didn't score on the power play so I blame the loss on that. Sid the Kid scored again so good for him. They gotta get it together quick like before the Olympic break perhaps.

New Jersey 101.5 FM-
I miss South Jersey alot. Other than my marriage, I can honestly say I had more fun there that I had had in my adult life. On my days off, my radio dial was bolted to NJ 101.5(Not New York, Not Philadelphia). I enjoyed their take on life in the garden state and alot of the time it was hilarious. Thank goodness for NJ1015.com. It feels as if I never left.

Blog News-
I am announcing a weekly post entitled "The Homer J. Simpson Idiot of the Week" to be awarded every Friday starting THIS Friday and boy do I have plenty of candidates  this week. Stay tuned. Anyone and everyone can win, even me.

Under The Dome update-
On Page 375 of Under The Dome...I'll be halfway home sometime next week.

Well this is the end, my only friend, the end. NJ1015.com!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stardate 0111.10

It's Monday yet Friday in my bizzaro world. The weather outside is bitter and inside well...I'll get to that.

Another Descent Into...

The NFL Playoffs(Sunday)-
I didn't watch the Ravens-Patriots game but I do have a couple of thoughts. 1): I fear the Ravens are playing like its 2000(their Super Bowl year) and unless the Colts rip them up this week, I have a bad feeling Baltimore will be playing in February. Ugh! 2): From the highlights and reviews I read, the Pats just bit the root and let the Ravens run over them like an ex-wife in an alimony hearing. The team of the 00's appears to be in decline(woohoo!)

Note to Green Bay-It's ok to play defense, really it is. After all, they win championships as the cliche goes. My gawd, watching that Arizona/GB game was like watching adult Pop Warner. It was exciting and ironically it was defense that did win the game. I look for another shootout as the Cards take on the Saints.


I'll have a take on those games Friday.

My life-
Ever since I've been divorced, my love life has been more tragic then the time I found out Darth Vader was Luke's father. I won't go into specifics but I am convinced after someone has a date with me, they become infested with neuroparasites. Perhaps it's time to put on my Fox Mulder hat and look for the truth.

Under The Dome Update
On page 336 now...the marathon continues

Diet Update
I lost 4 lbs 302 to 298...only 73 lbs to go

A Primitive Glow update
went back and fixed my first four pages and began on page five...tomorrow I should be alot more productive since I'm off from joe job.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning movie-

That's all for now kids. Read Ed McBain.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stardate 0110.10

Greetings my fellow readers. Today I'd like to begin my blog by wishing the Simpson family a happy 20th anniversary. Hard to believe the exploits of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie were at one time highly objectionable to many but today they stand as one of the most moral families on t.v. Again congrats!

Another Descent Into....

The NFL playoffs-
Well I could care less who is going to the Super Bowl this year mainly because my Steelers somehow forgot that the game of football is played with FOUR quarters but watching the Bengals go down to the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS made my callous heart feel warm inside. I didn't watch the Eagles-Cowboys game and from what I heard, I'm glad I didn't. My buddies in South Jersey right now must be stuffing themselves with Yuengling and cheesesteaks but then again they should be use to it.

The Penguins-
For only the second time in the last eight games, the Pens pulled out a victory, though this was a rather good effort for the defending Stanley Cup champs. Marc-Andre Fleury was outstanding in net as Sid The Kid scored on a nice power play bringing the team a 4-1 victory over the Maple Leafs. Let's hope this is the start of a good streak before the Olympic break.

The Cinema Snob-
I discovered the Snob last year quite by accident and I'm glad I did. He has taken the MST3K baton and run in his own direction with it. The Snob reviews very bad exploitation movies(and by bad, I mean gawd awful) as if he were Siskel and Ebert and is downright funny nine times out of ten. I will be posting my own reviews of his future work here on my blog, but for now here is his most recent episode entitled Lady Terminator:

Jennifer DeLucy-
Sooner or later, I was bound to meet a fellow writer who would break into the literary world and I have with this young lady. She is about to have her first novel, Seers of Light, released on February 16th courtesy of the good folks at Omnific Publishing. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Update on Under The Dome-
Currently I'm on page 294 of the 1,070 page Stephen King epic

A Primitive Glow-
Plodding along quite nicely

That's all for now folks. Remember, you can prick your finger but you can never finger your prick!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Greetings readers and welcome to this crude version of my new blog spot here on blogger.com. I apologize for the lack effort at the moment but I'm testing this out and see what happens. This is a blog for folks who enjoy reading, writing, horror movies, sports, and music as much as I do(and its alot). Over the coming weeks look for reviews of movies, books; my take on my favorite sports or just life in general. Hope you read and enjoy often. If not the fault ,as always, is mine!