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Monday, August 23, 2010

Stardate 0823.10

Do I know you? Oh yeah, you were suppose to take care of me once or twice a week not when it is convenient!

Another Descent Into...
Happy Anniversary Jo, I love you!

My Pittsburgh Steelers Season Preview-When last I left the greatest team of the Super Bowl-era, they had just defeated the Miami Dolphins 30-24 and thanks to piss-poor defense in the 4th quarter all season long, they sat home, missing out on the playoffs for the second time in five years. However, hope springs eternal. This off-season the Steelers played Back to the Future and brought back both Larry Foote and Antwaan Randall-El. I think with Big Ben on the shelf for four, possibly six games,bringing back these comfortable shoes was a good idea on the Rooneys part.

I see a vastly improved offensive line giving go-to guy Rhasard Mendenhall huge holes and keep either Bryon Leftwich or Dennis Dixon upright, something they failed to do with #7 the past two years. The wide receiving core will be underrated now that Santonio Holmes has been sent packing to the Jets. Mike Wallace and Randall-El will surprise many a secondary this year and I think Hines Ward, my boy, can eek out another 1,000 yrd season.

The biggest problem will be, surprisingly, the defense. Last year, they seemed to forget football is played in 4 quarters and blew many a comfy lead. The line is aging and the corners are a step slower than they have been in past years. Will Troy be the glue that holds these guys together?

I think the Steelers have it in them to finish 10-6 and clinch a wild-card berth. Sadly, I don't see them winning number 7 this year as the defense has way too many ?'s marks for them to be effective. However, I hope I'm wrong!

The Expendables(2010)-Wow! I was expected a subtle, intelligence, thought-provoking film and I get this? DAMN STRAIGHT! So many action stars, so little movie. It's a good thing though. Stallone in his Rambo-esqe glory leads a ragtag bunch into a Latin American country to overthrow a dictator. That's about it for storyline. With this film, just sit back, laugh at the cheesy taglines,cry with the all-too-brief interaction between Rocky and The Terminator(original), and enjoy the explosions. It is a trip down 80s memory lane that will have you going, Dolph! Dolph! Dolph!

The Cinema Snob-
In my most recent absence, The Snob has posted two brand new vids, the latter being his 100th episode.

The Expendables...No not that The Expendables. This one features a lower budget, bad actors, and about the same amount of explosions as the 2010 version.

Caligula, Part I...This is Brad Jones'(a.k.a The Cinema Snob) favorite movie. So how does he make fun of his darling? Quite well. This is so good, it required him to break this into two parts. Look for cameos from all involved in his web shows.

Great to be back!

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