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Saturday, July 10, 2010

For Sandra Kaye Richards...

Today, we will not descend. Rather, we will ascend into the glorious miracle that was the late Sandra Kaye Richards. Singer, Businesswoman, Friend.

I begin with a song from her favorite pop group, The Carpenters.

Sandra Kay "Sandy" Richards, 63, of Parkersburg passed away at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, surrounded by many friends and loved ones.

She was born in Parkersburg, W.Va, a daughter of the late Selby "Doc" Richards and Delberta (Lowe) Richards of Parkersburg.

In addition,Sandy was a member of Faith Baptist Church and attended Mineral Wells Baptist Church. She was the First Lady in Gospel Music. Early on she was a member of The Harmonettes, then the Songsters, and then the Gospelaires. She was the Founder and Director of the Gospel Music Reunion Choir and the GMR Youth Choir. She was also owner and operator of Styles in Music, where she taught piano and voice.

In addition to her mother, she is survived by a brother, Steven R. Richards of Parkersburg; three nephews, Robert, Ryan and Ragan Richards, and several aunts, uncles and cousins.

My story with Sandy begins in 1997 through her brother Steve. We(Steve and myself) became good friends at work and eventually our friendship lead to a business and student/teacher relationship. Through Siblings Richards, I learn so much about music, so much about respecting talent regardless of their chosen genre. Sandy would encourage my passions, correct me for a flat note, or just in her own unique way make me laugh.

In Stephen King's novel, The Dead Zone, one of the characters in the story describes people as ninety-five percent simply inert,one percent saints,another one percent idiots with the remaining three percent are people who do what they say.

Sandy fell into this three percent catergory, she never lied, cheated, stole, all this while running one of the most popular music stores in town. To me, she is the only true Christian I've ever known. Thank you so much for coming into my life and filling with joy. I will miss you. You are gone but you are NEVER forgotten.

R.I.P. Sandra Kaye Richards

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