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Friday, July 23, 2010

Stardate 0723.10

I can feel it. The obsidian clouds are lifting away. The drudgery of life is soon to be replaced by 9 days of fun and frolic....ahhh vacation

Another Descent Into...
Dead On Earth Update-

Just recently finished Day 5 of this little tale of an alien apocalypse as told from the point of view of many spread across Earth. David Naughton-Shires has begun developing artwork for the project and recently gave me an illustration of my main character, Kyle Stanton. If the rest of his effort is as good as what he's done for me, then we will have ourselves a winner. Got a long way to go, but the effort will be worth it.

Saiqa Akhter-
This is the woman who murdered, yes murdered her autistic child and badly injured her other one who is also autistic. Her excuse, she wanted 'normal' kids. You know what I think? This woman is an icon to problems I see in people these days. Selfish, self-indulgent people who still think they are in their perpetual youth and refuse to grow up! It's all about me! It's always been around, don't get me wrong. With our omnipresent media, it's just been more exposed.

It's people like you how look towards the government for a handout, the schools to teach what you refuse to teach, and the t.v. and the internet to raise and babysit them as you worry about your Gen 4 cell phone and who is going to be ousted on Dancing With The Stars. You cry and whine about how the kids drive you crazy. Well I hope you're proud of yourself. You took a life and you robbed the innocence of another. Luckily, this crime took place in Texas, so you will move to the front of the electric line. Thank goodness they put in an express lane.

The Cinema Snob-
Mama Snob is visiting her baby boy, so no new episode this week. Instead, I will go to his coveted vaults to show an episode which will require mass amounts of alcohol to understand. It's Monkey With 72 Magic. Be very, very afraid!

Next week, I will be down in Jim Rome's basement taking my vacation. I'm looking for someone to guest blog for me. If you're interested, email me at epolk75@suddenlink.net.

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