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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stardate 0316.10

Today's date is the most famous verse in the Bible...For God So Loved The World....if your a fan of Austin 3:16...it means I just whipped your ass!!!...dicohotmy at its finest lol...

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Another Decent Into...
Mrs. Hill is right about the fact I do enjoy Italian horror films(course of your a devoted reader then you already know that lol). So when I came upon the 1980 movie Macabre and saw the trailer, I thought, "OH HELL YEAH!!!"(Another Austin 3:16 scripture). Well got the movie from the good folks at Netflix and....I fell asleep. Plot?...well here it is....While an adulterous couple dallies in a blind man’s spare bedroom, the woman’s daughter is drowning her little brother in the bathtub...speeding to the scene of the murder, the couple’s car crashes, and the man is decapitated...the woman is sent to the looney bin for a year and when she comes out, she start putting the moves on her lover's blind brother!!!

All this while she continues to have thoughts of her dead lover. So what is wrong with this film? Not the fact its a bit surreal(thats a standard in Italian fare) its the fact it is soooooooo boring from ten minutes in to the last 15. Just so damn tedious. Lamberto Bava(son of legendary director Mario Bava) should have known better. I don't mind a horror movie with no blood(i actually welcome it) but can you give me some psychological suspense. Make the woman decsend into her maddness perhaps rather then wait till the end?

Speaking of the end, it is a WTF moment and thats not a good thing. On the positive, the penultimate scenes rise this film above Cinema Snob-style exploitation but dies in the final scenes. Fortunately, Mr. Bava redeemed himself with the 1985 film  Demons and has continued working in various genres. Watch at your own peril! 3/10

The Cinema Snob-
Well this time Mr.Snob delves into the world of oh boy...Beaver and Buttface. yes it is a parody of those famous 90s slackers Beavis and Butthead...and nowhere near as funny...take a look...

huh-huh-huh...so like The Cinema Snob's review is like cool and stuff..yeah yeah yeah...

I just finished a book entitled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? A review of which is posted on goodreads.com

More to come..huh huh come...

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