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Monday, March 29, 2010

Stardate 0329.10

Today is day one of the Sarah balloon floating into the atmosphere and burning up as it approaches orbit!!!!

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Another Decent Into...
Wrestlemania XXVI- Well I only have one thing to say since I didn't really watch the show..18-0 BAY-BEE!!!....yes my reader friends, Mark Callaway, a.k.a The Undertaker made it 18 wins without a loss at the biggest stage of 'em all. This time, once again, against Shawn Michaels. I heard this match was as good as their previous 'Mania . I'll haveta check it out.

The Final Four-
I feel sick. Sick because good ol WVU made it to the final four in basketball and yes the Mountaineer faithful are more annoying than usual. Hopefull Duke will deflate their egos. Why do I rag on WVU? Cuz I'm from the 'Burgh baby!

The Cinema Snob-
Troll 3. Part 2...He thought it was over. He thought he had endured the trilogy that wasn't a trilogy..WRONG!!!...Senor Snob now must watch a new Troll 3. This one still not having anything to do with trolls.


And with that, we come to the conclusion of the quadrilogy that's suppose to be a trilogy but not really a trilogy.

On page 173 of Ms. DeLucy's Seers of Light...very enjoyable read....

Tomorrow I will begin a special celebration of wrestlecrap.com and their upcoming ten-year anniversary. What is wrestlecrap.com, you ask? Click on the link at the bottom of the  page, poindexter!!!

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