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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stardate 0410.10

Ahh, nothing beats adding a new dimension to something you love.

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Another Decent Into....(wait...wait...wait)...I have a new segment I would like to introduce. My Breakfast With...will feature interviews with friends, bloggers, and just plain ol' fascinating people. Enjoy!

*In James Lipton voice* If there is one thing I share a passion for is the horror movie genre. Many people across the world enjoy the blood, the guts, the chills this form of entertainment brings. Among the numbers of fandom is my first guest.

He is a semi-hermit who lives in small town Wisconsin. He loves

horror films a lot and has a blog about them and whatever else he

feels like posting called Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing. He aspires to be

happy more and wishes the same to others.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Patrick Campbell

1. At what point in your life did you fall in love with horror movies?

What was the singular film?

I think a major movie was Freddy vs. Jason because I was religious at

the time and was slammed for liking such a movie and that started a

long saga of watching horror but sometimes feeling guilty about it

that evolved into the current me who is not religious and watches all

kinds of horror.

Besides that it was my first Jason movie and now Friday the 13th

series and remake are my favorite movies.

2. What is your favorite sub-genre of horror movie?

Slashers which are full of fun violence and nudity and sex and also

there's a ton of different kinds of slashers and an seemingly endless

amount filmed in the 80's so I have plenty more to watch.

3. We met, in part, due to our mutual love of Lucio Fulci's classic

1979 film Zombie. What was about the film you found enjoyable?

It comes across to me as an excellent filmed movie, one of the best

zombie films I know. It's known for a few scenes, and yeah it's gory,

but it's also well filmed, acted, and has a wonderful soundtrack.

It rocks and is one of the things that proves that Lucio Fulci is an

amazing filmmaker.

4. What is the deal with Wisconsin producing two of the most famous

serial killers of all time?(Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer)

Ah man don't ask me. I spend a lot of time alone but don't rob graves

or wear skin, and I'm queer but I don't drill people's heads. Gein was

declared legally insane and Dahmer, I don't know. Something in the


I just find it fascinating that these guys have become so big and look

forward to a upcoming Wisconsin-made film, this is really coming out,

Ed Gein: The Musical. The trailer is fantastic.

5. Where do you see the horror genre in five years?

I read someone talking about Paranormal Activity saying there will be

a huge change with indie films doing better or something. Yeah well

they said the same thing about Blair Witch. I think is the reality is

you can't predict the future of horror, you can guess based on what's

currently doing well but next week may be the decline of remakes for

all we know.

I will say horror movies have survived censorship, hatred, critical

scorn, they have been bullied and beaten to pieces and still are

strong as ever. Whatever the future holds, horror movies aren't going


Thank you for your time, Mr. Campbell

My five favorite Mellon Arena moments-

Well kids, this past Wednesday mark in an end of an era for my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins as they played and won their final regular season game ever in the old Mellon Arena. So many fond memories for me as a lifelong Pens fan(yes, even through the myriad of muck pre-Mario and pre-Sidney). My two favorite memories are, of course, the two Penguins games I attended. They won both and it was so exciting to be a part of the atmosphere on those two occassion. Here are five more Mellon Arena moments.

5. Game -2008 Eastern Conference Finals
Ahh, the sweet scent of victory as my boys took it to the Philadelphia Fryers..errr Flyers to clinch their third conference title and first since 1992. They dominated the Broad Street Buttheads all series all long bay-bee!!!!

4. Mario Lemieux five goal night-December 1988/March 1996
I missed it the first time he scored five goals in one game...I missed it the 2nd time he scored five goals in one game...but not the third!!!

3. Game 6-2009 Stanley Cup Finals
PRAISE ROB SCUDERI!!! Down three games to two against the defending champs, the Detroit Red Wings, The Penguins were up 2-1 with time running down. What happens next will be forever in the annals of Pittsburgh sports history...

2. Game 2-1991 Stanley Cup Finals
God Bless Mario Lemieux. Anyone who did not see #66 in his heyday missed out on perhaps the greatest ever to play the game(I Know, I Know Gretsky has the records but if Lemieux had a stronger back he would be at the top)

1. Game 6-1991 Eastern Conference Finals
For years , the Pens were the doormats on the NHL until on a fateful spring playoff run, they did the impossible. They won their conference championship game!!! From baby steps begin an incredible journey...and I leave you with this...

                                                                       GO PENS!!!

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