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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stardate 0415.10

So...the Penguins have begun their 2010 Stanley Cup run and, as expected, they lost 5-4 to the Ottawa Senators. What I didn't expect was Marc Andre-Fleury being just an incredible asshole!!!!!!!!


Another Decent Into...
Promotional(wait...wait...wait...why have a promotional consideration when I can have the sponsor of my blog make an appearance?)

Angie...take it away....

I grew up in Westfield, IN. When I was growing up it was only a really small farming community. It has since blossomed into a huge town not unlike Indianapolis.

I met my husband in January of 1994. We were both working for a hose factory. He walked through the door, and the wind caught his hair blowing it back behind him. He was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I remember asking the girl next to me what his name was. After she told me I said, “he’s the one I will marry”…. She responded with, “honey you are not his type”. Was she ever wrong! We had a whirlwind romance, married that June. We’ve been married for almost 16 years with two beautiful children.

I love staying at home with our children. I am working on getting an online business going, and writing at the same time. I enjoy life, and I can not think of more of a blessing than this. One of my friends has a quote in his signature line, “When God acts, you won’t know he did anything at all”. That is really something to ponder, and it holds so much truth.

Ok Ang, let's get to it...

1. So let's begin with why you have come on my blog. Discuss with my readers your brand new store.

I currently have two online stores. The first one is houseofhill.org. House Of Hill was started January of 2010. If it wasn’t for my friends who have helped me along the way, I would not have gotten anywhere with it. A special thank you goes to Ken, Frank, Yonatan, Hanh, and you Eric. Each of you have helped me out tremendously.

This website is dedicated to hand-made, or hand-crafted items. You will find gorgeous quilts in all sizes. Quilted items such as throws, linens, etc. These are made by D & Me. Mary (Me) has been quilting since the age of 5. She hand-sews every quilt that she makes. D & Me is located in Montana, and supplies quilts to the USA only. Don (D) enjoys working with wood. He creates all of his wooden toys by hand. These toys have survived one generation of their children, and are now enjoyed by their 2nd generation. This proves just how durable, and high-quality these toys are. I am proud to be an approved supplier of their wonderful products.

Visitors will also love the hand-painted glass created by Raenell Ascetta of Bellissimo. Her business is located in Florida. She is a very talented artist, and each of these items comes signed by her. These are unique, heirloom, quality items. I am proud to be an approved supplier of her wonderful work.

At this time, I am working with other suppliers on the possibility of including their items in my store. Each of the suppliers that I accept have a proven reputation, are reliable, and back up their items through the form of certificates of authenticity, and 100% guarantees.

I am always open to other suppliers. If a person believes they have a product that I would be interested in then they are always free to contact me.

My second store is Hill’s Super Store hillssuperstore.com Hill’s Super Store is dedicated to the model train community. We feature highly collectible model trains along with many hard to find model trains. The model train enthusiast will also be able to find many unique items for their layout. Plus, the possibilities are endless when creating a layout theme.

Trains represent the marriage of past and present. They are something that have withstood the tests of time and are still very much a necessity of our commerce system. Not to mention their beauty and rich history.

I have just transferred this site to the same company that hosts houseofhill.org. This will lift the product limitation that the site once had. So now I am open to include many more items than I previously could. The supplier I use now has Pinewood Derby supplies in stock. These are for the Pinewood Derby contests that the Cub Scouts hold each year. The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby is one of the most exciting events of the Spring. The time spent building the cars can attribute to Pack prizes for the color scheme, inventive thought, and most unusual. There are many other categories left to the imagination. It has become a very fun natured competitive event in which packs compete with other packs. A wonderful tool to increase self-confidence, pride, and bring out artistic measures.

2. What was the reason you decided to go into the often shadowy world of internet marketing?

*laughs at that question* Oh wouldn’t you love to know? Lol just kidding… Did I forget to mention I was blonde, and often spontaneous. I love to jump in head first instead of testing the waters? Actually, it is good that I jumped in head first failing to notice the shark infested waters. If I had noticed them I may have been more hesitant.

But to answer your question. Unfortunately, it is a necessity. Without internet marketing my sites would just be little specks in the desert. I do not know if I will ever be a “Master” of marketing, but I am fortunate to have met some very nice people along the way. Their words of wisdom will help guide me through this rough terrain so I do not get eaten up by the sharks.

3. In addition to being an online entrepreneur, you are also a writer. What brought you to that path?

It is one of those distant childhood memories that sticks in your mind. I was in the 4th grade, and we had been assigned to write a little story. The teacher (unfortunately I can’t remember her name) informed my parents that I had a budding talent for writing. The thing that stuck the most with me was when she said, “She’ll probably write a novel one day”. I really do wish that I could remember her name, because if I ever finish my novel I would love to remind her of what she said. She made a real impact on a very young mind.

Next to my family, writing is my second love. There are so many things in the world to write about. I actually have a little notebook that I carry with me so I can jot down ideas when they come to me. You never know when you will see something totally sublime, or meet someone that is so interesting that you just have to remember them. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to write. A true blessing from God.

4. Tell us about the story you are currently working on at this moment.

16th century England fascinates me. Especially the Tudor period. There are so many historical figures of that time that had such an impact on the world. They probably never even knew it at the time. If they knew now how much they are remembered, and the impact they made what would they possibly think?

The working title of my novel is “A Trick of Light”. Light “as I’ll refer to it for short” is historical fiction but based on actual historical figures and events. Light does not evolve around King and Queens, but is based on the feudal system. The main character, Lady Katerine, is loosely based on Erszebet Bathory. If you haven’t heard of her, you may know her as the Blood Countess. She was a Hungarian Countess reknown for her brutality, cruelty, and beauty. She was responsible for at least 612 deaths that were accounted for. Lady Mary will have the intelligence and cunning of Anne Boleyn, and the charismatic childish demeanor of Catherine Howard. Lord Edward is based on Ferenc Nadasdy, Erszebet’s husband.

Lady Katerine is forced to marry Lord Edward out of political necessity, as was the custom of that time. She loathes Edward, but is also fascinated by the methods in which he tortures prisoners. She is deeply involved in learning these methods in order to not only use them on him herself, but also to use them on prisoners. She wants to draw Lady Mary into these schemes, but Lady Mary is unwilling to join her. The secret that Lady Mary shares with Lady Katerine plays a huge part in Katerine’s methods of persuading Mary to join her. At the center of this secret is Katerine’s love for Lord William. Lord William is based on Robert Dudley. The infamous favorite of Queen Elizabeth.

5. You must balance motherhood, a marriage, a business, and writing. How do you do it?

If it wasn’t for my children, I couldn’t write or work on my business. They inspire me in ways that you would never even think possible. It could be just something little that they say while playing, or something that they do. I love being a mother and a wife. It brings me untold joy, and I count myself very blessed to have my family. I am hoping that if my business does well that my husband will be able to come home and be with us more. For the past year, he has had to miss so much. I really feel for him, and I know I can never truly understand what he feels.

He loves to show off my writing, often to my embarrassment. It is really flattering, but at the same time makes me want to go hide in a hole. The funniest thing he has ever done is hide a book in which one of my poems was published in his truck. At work he would drag this book out and show it off to people. I finally figured this out, and stole it back. It was really funny, but I was sooooooo embarrassed.

Juggling all the hats I wear isn’t easy. I can honestly say sometimes it makes me really emotional. I wake up some mornings and dread having to start the day, but I always have to remember who the people are that I do this for. The reasons that I do it. That helps me to keep going.

Thank Ang for being my sponsor and my friend :-)

City of the Living Dead

YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE! If you are a hardcore horror fan or just a  casual observer, it would behoove you to view this 1980 Lucio Fulci near-masterpiece. This is not your cliched zombie film. Oh yes, there is blood, a memoriable puking scene and a Zombie-like soundtrack.

After Father William Thomas (Fabrizio Jovine) hangs himself in a cemetery, the gates of hell are opened. Zombies with abilities of super strength, teleportation and levitation appear and start killing off people in town. Investigating reporter Peter Bell (Christopher George) along with psychic Mary Woodhouse (Catriona MacColl) travel to Dunwich, New England, and from the Book of Enoch learn that they must close the portal to hell before All Saints Day, or the spirits of the dead will overtake the earth.

For a film such as this, the zombies are a bit more creative than says in a Romero film(no offense to his magnificent talents) or any other zombie film featuring slow or fast movers. Ok, the acting is of course over-the-top. The soundtrack perhaps could have been a little more creative and the last ten seconds are WTF but otherwise this movie is superb in its execution. So good in fact, I am putting in as the fourth member of my HOF(The Exorcist, Susperia,Zombie). 9/10

If you would like to be interviewed for My Breakfast With segment, feel free to email me at redpenguin24_m@yahoo.com. I'm just looking for people of any walk of life. Everyone has a story to tell.

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