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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stardate 0411.10

It's fina-lee Friday here in bizzaro world. I'm gonna keep this short and semi-sweet today so no take on the Roethlisberger/Holmes incidents untill tomorrow. That cool?

Another Decent Into...

My Breakfast With Rhonny Rheaper-
*in James Lipton voice* One of the many unfortunate realities in this, The Great Recession, is the sacrifice made to entertainment budgets. People across this land are giving up on movies, books, and video games as a way to save money. However, there has been in recent years, a surge of inexpensive horror movies flooding the market. You may ask yourself, "Which of these films are worth my time if not my money?" There is a guru from the land of Cleveland who can help.

This lady is a 19 year old horror fanatic. She runs the horror blog Dollar Bin Horror, the blog for horror fans on a budget. She digs through the used sections and dollar bins to find the best deals possible on horror films, watches the newest in low budget indie horror, and interviews indie horror authors, director, and actors for an in depth look at the world of low budget horror. Right now she's in college for nursing, but would like to one day go back for film school and make her own low budget horror films.

To her mother and father, she is Rhonda Kachur. To us, my next guest is the one, the only...

                                         Rhonny Rheaper

1. You have developed a reputation for being the Internet queen of the economically feasible horror dvd. In your ongoing quest for the best on the cheap, what has been the Hope Diamond and what has been the lump of coal?

Well first, let me thank you for such a grand compliment! I think the best film I ever found in the Dollar Bin was the original Nosferatu. It has become one of my all time favorite films. The worst probably has to be Swamp Women, not because it's a bad film, but because I was tricked! It looked like horror, but was some crime drama!

2. What is it about Vincent Price that draws you to him?

Vincent Price is simply amazing. He's got the looks, the voice, the mannerisms...he is simply the perfect horror actor. Even in horrible films that make you wonder why they were even made, Vincent stands out as a star.

3. What makes for you a good horror film?

A good horror film has to be balanced. It has to have great writing, great actors, and just enough but not to much gore. If there's to much of one of these, then the film seems like it's compensating for the lack. Take the SAW films, the first one was balanced; good acting, well written, and the perfect amount of gore. The second one, although I like it, seemed to rely on the gore/shock value more than it did the acting or writing. If the film isn't balanced, the viewer will know.

4. To native Clevelanders, John Elway evokes a kind of mob murder mentality. Who, from the horror genre, would you have performing the honor of payback for "The Drive"?

I'm going straight up Jigsaw with him, except I'd go with the Amanda style trap, where there is no possibility for escape. The Angel Trap is looking mighty fine right now...

5. For the younger readers, tell us about the legendary Ghoulardi.

Ghoulardi is a legendary horror host here in Cleveland. From 1963 to 1966 he dominated the late night airwaves with his show, Shock Theater. Unlike most other hosts at the time, his character had more of a "hipster" feel to him, his mannerisms were jazzy and mellow, and he was live on tv and kept station management on their toes! He was simply amazing and in Cleveland, he's bigger that Vampira and Elvira...he's Ghoulardi!

Thank you, Ms. Rheaper.

Almost finished with Seers of Light. Down to the final 15 pages...GOODNIGHT NOW!!!

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