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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stardate 0126.10

And so another work week nears an end...tomorrow will be special...the waiting is the hardest part...

Another Descent Into...

The NFL Playoffs-
The Super Bowl is set. The Indianapolis Colts v. The New Orleans Saints. A rather intriguing match up to say the least. I'll have my prediction on the game in a couple of weeks. For now, I will revel in Steelers Super Bowl memories...I'm going to post  reviews over the next two weeks of each of their 6 Super Bowl victories(thanks to the magic of dvd, I can watch all 6 games)starting with Super Bowl IX.

The Penguins-
The champs have a modest two-game winning streak with wins over the Fryars(Flyers) and the Rangjahs(Rangers). They seem to be grinding things out which for them is very good thing. We are slowly but surely closing in on the Olympic break so every game, every point counts.

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II-
1987. A watershed year in my life. I was going through puberty. Pro wrestling was my favorite show on t.v.(by that I mean WWF(E), NWA, AWA, UWF, WCCW, all of 'em) Of course I was starting to get into rock-n-roll and horror films big time. Strangely, puberty effected my viewing of Prom Night II to a very good degree.

Despite the title, this film is not a direct sequel to the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis film(though they both take place at Hamilton High School). This movie begins in 1957 where the senior slut Mary Lou Maloney prepares for her big night. During the festivities, Mary runs off with a guy whose not her steady beau. Naturally, the steady beau finds out and decides to inspire Stephen King into his idea for Carrie, metaphorically speaking of course.

Mary Lou catches fire before her prom queen coronation while the prom crowd stands back to watch. 30 years later, a young lady who lives with a religious zealot for a mother decides she doesnt want to wear the green dress to her prom. She heads down to the prop dept and inadvertenly unleashes Mary Lou's spirit who wants to possess her body.

Ok, this movie was great when I was 12. A few scenes made me tingle in shorts back in the day. In 2010, this is pure camp, unintentional as it maybe. By no means is it a bad film, the acting is above par(headed by the legendary Michael Ironside), the gore is so-so. The head in  the soup is kinda cool and Mary's transformation side is ok(though u can tell she's wearing a mask). Watch this for a laugh or two, unless your twelve and its 1987 again. High unlikely

1987 10/10
2010 6/10

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