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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stardate 0123.10

Well today it's a rare(and I do mean rare) Saturday off. Before I do my chores, I figure you want my 1/2 cent of opinion....

Another Decent Into...

The Homer J.Simpson Idiot of the Week Award(for the week ending Jan.22nd)-
Wow! This week was certainly chockful of candidates. From a person asking me what the word blended meant to President Obama who apparently won't sully his Harvard-educated hands riding around in a pickup truck but alas it is another president, this one of Venezuela that is the winner of this week's IOTW award. Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, your comments regarding the United States causing the devistation in Haiti reminds as why there is such a thing as birth control.

The NFL Playoffs-
Well here we are, it's down to the final four of the NFL Playoffs. By this Sunday evening we will know who will be playing in Super Bowl XLIV on Feb.7th. And, of course, I have a take. Hopefully my picks will be better that last week when I went 0-4, YIKES!!!

Jets vs. Colts-
Ok, I see the comparisons between this team and the 2005 Steelers. I hate to say this but it took a lucky play by Big Ben to keep the Steelers in line to win that year(Ironically against the Colts). I don't see the Jets having that against this team. Peyton and gang are just too powerful. The Jets beat the Chargers last week because they were the Chargers in the playoffs. This time the clock strikes 12 for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!

Vikings v. Saints-
This one will be a classic. You have the old warhorse in Brett Favre and the young, hungry Drew Brees guiding their respective teams in this NFC Championship game. The Saints do not have the defense to keep up with Favre, AP, and Sidney Rice and that will be the difference in this game, plain and simple.
So I believe it will be Colts v. Vikings in two weeks...hoperfully I'm right

The Cinema Snob-
As threatened, here is until Nudist Colony of the Dead took over my favorite Snob video. Black Devil Doll from Hell. Splinters Baby Splinters!

And so I must say fare-thee-well...Come Monday it will be alright!

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