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Monday, January 11, 2010

Stardate 0111.10

It's Monday yet Friday in my bizzaro world. The weather outside is bitter and inside well...I'll get to that.

Another Descent Into...

The NFL Playoffs(Sunday)-
I didn't watch the Ravens-Patriots game but I do have a couple of thoughts. 1): I fear the Ravens are playing like its 2000(their Super Bowl year) and unless the Colts rip them up this week, I have a bad feeling Baltimore will be playing in February. Ugh! 2): From the highlights and reviews I read, the Pats just bit the root and let the Ravens run over them like an ex-wife in an alimony hearing. The team of the 00's appears to be in decline(woohoo!)

Note to Green Bay-It's ok to play defense, really it is. After all, they win championships as the cliche goes. My gawd, watching that Arizona/GB game was like watching adult Pop Warner. It was exciting and ironically it was defense that did win the game. I look for another shootout as the Cards take on the Saints.


I'll have a take on those games Friday.

My life-
Ever since I've been divorced, my love life has been more tragic then the time I found out Darth Vader was Luke's father. I won't go into specifics but I am convinced after someone has a date with me, they become infested with neuroparasites. Perhaps it's time to put on my Fox Mulder hat and look for the truth.

Under The Dome Update
On page 336 now...the marathon continues

Diet Update
I lost 4 lbs 302 to 298...only 73 lbs to go

A Primitive Glow update
went back and fixed my first four pages and began on page five...tomorrow I should be alot more productive since I'm off from joe job.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning movie-

That's all for now kids. Read Ed McBain.

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