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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stardate 0121.10

A rainy night in the middle of January. Poetic in a horror movie kind of way.

Another Decent Into...

Seers of Light-
My author friend Jennifer DeLucy has created a trailer for her upcoming novel "Seers of Light", avaliable February 16th from Omnific Publishing...The song in the background as an original entitled "Lily's Song". LIke most artists, Ms. DeLucy loves to be multi-dimensional...

The Cinema Snob-
Well as previously mentioned, I will be reviewing new episodes of The Cinema Snob as he makes them avaliable. Tonight, it's the episode(I'm not joking) "Nudist Colony of the Dead"...but first watch... 

Ok, I hope you laughed your butt off because I sure did. This "film" needless to say, deserves to be carved up like London broil(mmm...British meat...mmmm). I mean Troma Films thinks this movie is cheap! The review itself hits it stride with the jingly musical toetapper five minutes in and at the ten minute mark...well just don't drink anything as you watch. I'm on record as saying this is his best episode since "Black Devil Doll from Hell". I'll haveta post that episode sometime.

The Penguins-
I caught bits and pieces of their 6-4 over the Islanders Tuesday night and while I'm happy Crosby and Malkin did well, their defense was retro mid-90's...not a good thing...hopefully tonight against the Capitals they'll be tighter then a crab's rear.

Under The Dome update-
On page 651 now...it's starting to coalesce

A Primitive Glow-
Knocked out two more pages tonight...happy to have that progress...

Au Reviour, mi Duy....

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