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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stardate 0114.10

Omg!!! So much to get to tonight on this post. So let's not waste time.

Another Decent Into...

I grew up loving the original Terminator. Seeing the Governator playing the perfect role for him makes me smile everytime I see that 1984 film. I mean he says maybe a half-page of dialogue throughout the whole thing and that's a good thing for him. Anyhoo, as the years past we saw Ah-nuld turn into a sweetheart in T2 and then again in a tragic comic  revival attempt in Rise of the Machines.

With Terminator:Salvation, we see the rock-bottom of this once great franchise. It is the year 2018 and the war between the humans and the machines is in full effect. And yet, yet we start in the year 2003 and a prison cell where Sam Huntington signs away his body to science. Pay attention now kids, this pays off later. So now its 2018 and  John Connor (played in cheesy fashion by Christian Bale)  finds human prisoners and the information to create the T-800 series(The Ah-nuld series).

He takes the info to a submarine where Michael Ironside promptly scoffs at him and reveals a hidden signal found in the Terminator robots which could be used to shut them down.

Meanwhile, Sam Huntington emerges(yes from 2003) and discovers Kyle Reese in the ruins of L.A. Hearing a Connor radio broadcast, the two along with a little girl head out to meet him. Of course they are captured by the robots of Skynet and thats where the story merges.

This film is nothing more than another whizz-bang special effects dreck to me. Thin on story, thick on nonsense. Though the part where you see T-800(played by CGI Ah-Nuld) for the first time is rather good. If you loved the series, you'll love this film. Other than that, its disappointed to me.


The Penguins-
Didn't watch the game but I know they beat the Calgary Flames 3-1 on the strength on Sid the Kid's 30th goal. They play the Oilers tonight. Let's hope for a back-to-back win.

The Situation in Haiti-
If folks are going to make this, like Hurricane Katrina, a political battleground then I'm turning in my faith in humanity card. Rush Limbaugh slipped on a banana peel stating we already contribute to Haiti with the U.S. income tax. To be fair and balanced, he did also state that private donations to the Haiti relief effort where better than government-funded ones. Now politically, I am more right leaning(how can I be when I'm a writer? Well,that's for another blog) Yet, comments which Limbaugh said were taken out context of course by him and Pat Robertson make me disgusted with the Republican Party and glad I'm Libertarian in my voting(most of the time).  But you don't have to take my opinion to heart. I'm posting a link to a Limbaugh transcript and you can decide for yourself what to think.


Under The Dome update-
On page 398. Had a slow reading weekend.

A Primitive Glow
Still going slow. I'm going back and tweaking what I've already written for continunity sake.

Tomorrow I award my first "Homer J.Simpson Idiot of the Week" award and I've picked I feel the most obvivous one.

We've reached the end of our time together. Vote Wiggum.

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