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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stardate 0112.10

Woohoo! It is the weekend for me here in bizzaro world. I plan to see Daybreakers tomorrow so be prepared for a review(gasp!).

Another Decent Into...

The Penguins-
Well, so much for optimism. The trainwreck continues as last night the Minnesota Wild defeated the Pens 4-3. Once again, we didn't score on the power play so I blame the loss on that. Sid the Kid scored again so good for him. They gotta get it together quick like before the Olympic break perhaps.

New Jersey 101.5 FM-
I miss South Jersey alot. Other than my marriage, I can honestly say I had more fun there that I had had in my adult life. On my days off, my radio dial was bolted to NJ 101.5(Not New York, Not Philadelphia). I enjoyed their take on life in the garden state and alot of the time it was hilarious. Thank goodness for NJ1015.com. It feels as if I never left.

Blog News-
I am announcing a weekly post entitled "The Homer J. Simpson Idiot of the Week" to be awarded every Friday starting THIS Friday and boy do I have plenty of candidates  this week. Stay tuned. Anyone and everyone can win, even me.

Under The Dome update-
On Page 375 of Under The Dome...I'll be halfway home sometime next week.

Well this is the end, my only friend, the end. NJ1015.com!

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