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Friday, January 29, 2010

Stardate 0129.10

Well...heres hoping the joe job turns into the milton job lol..but then again I've as much chance of movin' up as a snowball in August in Arizona!!!

Another Decent Into...
Why I'm not cool
I'm not cool. I accept it. I don't have a cool car. I don't have a cool pad. Nothing. And you know what, dear reader? I DONT CARE!!!! Here are ten reasons why I'm not cool.

10. I'm a Pitt fan in the heart of WVU country...Born in the Steel City, I embraced all things the 'Burgh which includes the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. For you non-college football fans, every year Pitt and WVU meet in the Backyard Brawl. While the 'Eeers did beat Pitt this year, the odd thing is everytime WVU has something to play for ('89,'07). It seems dem Panthers find a way to win!!! Remember gang WVU has not won a national championship in college football since I believe the late 1800's. Seriously!
And Pitt was it in '76.

9. I have no car. I don't. I did have one in New Jersey back when I was married but when I lost the wife I lost the 2007 Chevy HHR. Course haven't been able to afford one since. But that could change shortly!

8. Wrestling- Ok, I admit. At one point in my life, I was a hardcore wrestling fan. I lived for Saturdays as a kid with WWF, AWA, WCW/NWA on. But as I aged and the storylines came about as stupid as Pat Robertson Haiti comments, the wrestling affair ended. Quite mercifully.

7. I love 80s metal-though I guess that kinda makes me cool being teenage kids seem to wanna listen to Maiden, Megadeth and Slayer these days. lol....seriously.

6.I read(and dont play video games)-I own no Xbox, no Wii, no PS3. I do have books if you enjoy that form of entertainment, Though I doubt for a few of you you do.

5. I know who has won all forty-three Super Bowls and their scores-From Green  Bay to Pittsburgh. I know 'em all. In chronological order.

4. My comic books, my action figures-Well  I no longer have comics and action figures thanks to the divorce but I do have a Darth Vader and Mr. Spock I managed to retrieve. WOOHOO!

3. I dont drink or do drugs-Pot counts as a drug folks...dont do 'em...I drank before and getting drunk is high overrated!

2. My wardrobe-I according to my ex-fiancee, my wardrobe demonstrates my lack of maturity. Ok, it consist of Star Trek ts, Steelers unis, and Stewie Griffin and DC Comics boxers....could be worse....

And Finally...at #1
Do I haveta say anything?

The Cinema Snob-
The latest Snob episode features a very artsy, very fartsy film from 1972 titled Death Bed. Yes folks, it's about a killer bed. Enjoy!

Now that you've recovered with the the glorified alka seltzer sleeper, let me start by saying, of course it wasn't as good as Nudist Colony of the Dead but after that laugh riot, it is hard to follow up a classic. This is pretty funny especially toward the end with the Snob's internal monologue. The movie, needless to say, is crap. Whattashock!

Under The Dome update-
On page 858. It's all about to break loose in Chester's Mills, Maine.

A Primitive Glow-
Working on the antagonist

An Epiphany-
Last night, I spent my night off in the company of a cute, smart funny lady and her 3-yr old boy. Watching Ice Age 3 and Office Space. Laughing and hanging out. It was utopia at its finest. I would give the world to have that moment again.

And so...and so...and so....SO WHAT!


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  1. Cool is subjective! To the sci-fi, Stewie Griffin, Steelers-lovin population, you are one sly guy. Keep on keepin' on.